Online Task Lists

Task lists are great. When I started working as a freelance web developer, I recorded my tasks in a simple text document on my smart phone. When I needed to send my clients a progress report, I’d copy the contents of my task list into an email and send it. Although this method worked well when I worked solo, it wasn’t as effective when I worked in a team setting when I had to manage multiple employees and clients. My team members would lose emails, respond to out-of-date tasklists and slave over re-arranging/re-prioritizing tasks.

The Start Mission team built an online task list manager to specifically address the following challenges:

A centralized location to review and update task lists

You can create a new mission (you may know it as project) to contain all your task lists. Then you can invite people to join your mission, so that they can evaluate and contribute to your task lists. By keeping all your task lists in one place, you ensure all mission members see the most up-to-date information.

A reliable way to share tasks with team members

Once you’ve created task lists, you can assign tasks to team members. Start Mission will notify team members via email once they have been assigned a task.

A way to encourage and moderate conversations around tasks

Once you’ve created tasks, you can also start a conversation around a task. This is extremely useful when requesting clarification, documenting issues and gathering client feedback.

A way to track time against each task

Since time track is so common, we made it easy for Start Mission users to record the time they spend on each task. Start Mission will also allow you to translate your timesheets into invoices!

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