Task lists can now import tasks!

We built a nifty little feature that let’s you import tasks from a document into the task list.  Simply copy the tasks from a document, where each task is on it’s own line, and paste it into the start mission task list!

Upgraded Task lists and Time sheets!

We’ve made significant upgrades to our task lists and time sheets.  This time around, we focused on reducing the number of clicks to perform an operation.  As such, we’ve introduced inline editing of tasks and time entries where possible.  

Try out the new features and let us know what you think!

Here’s the guest account:

user: guest@guest.com
password: guest 

Free Online Collaboration!

Hey, it’s the new year and we feel like giving something away for free.  For a limited time, we’re letting users sign up for an unlimited free account!  You can register here:

FREE Unlimited Start Mission Account

The Start Mission team wishes you all a successful 2012!

Online Task Lists

Task lists are great. When I started working as a freelance web developer, I recorded my tasks in a simple text document on my smart phone. When I needed to send my clients a progress report, I’d copy the contents of my task list into an email and send it. Although this method worked well when I worked solo, it wasn’t as effective when I worked in a team setting when I had to manage multiple employees and clients. My team members would lose emails, respond to out-of-date tasklists and slave over re-arranging/re-prioritizing tasks.

The Start Mission team built an online task list manager to specifically address the following challenges:

A centralized location to review and update task lists

You can create a new mission (you may know it as project) to contain all your task lists. Then you can invite people to join your mission, so that they can evaluate and contribute to your task lists. By keeping all your task lists in one place, you ensure all mission members see the most up-to-date information.

A reliable way to share tasks with team members

Once you’ve created task lists, you can assign tasks to team members. Start Mission will notify team members via email once they have been assigned a task.

A way to encourage and moderate conversations around tasks

Once you’ve created tasks, you can also start a conversation around a task. This is extremely useful when requesting clarification, documenting issues and gathering client feedback.

A way to track time against each task

Since time track is so common, we made it easy for Start Mission users to record the time they spend on each task. Start Mission will also allow you to translate your timesheets into invoices!

Enhanced Task Calendar

Due to popular demand, we enhanced the task calendar to show snippets of tasks on each day.  Take a look below!

Start Mission – Basecamp Alternative, Freshbook Alternative



Why did we create Start Mission?   Prior to it’s development, we loved using BaseCamp for project management and we loved using FreshBooks for invoice management.  Our biggest wish was to have both systems working together as one software.  We built Start Mission to do exactly that.  Start Mission reproduces the best features of BaseCamp and the best features of FreshBooks in one system.  Start Mission is the alternative to both BaseCamp and FreshBooks.  This solved several problems for us:

Quickly Convert Timesheets to Invoices: At the end of the month, we click just ONE button to convert desired timesheets into invoices.  No more messing around with Basecamp API keys, Freshbook API keys, exported documents and imported documents.  Just go to a timesheet and click “Send to Invoice”. DONE!

Avoid Fractionalization: We take on a lot of contract projects from different companies, each with their own instance of a project management system, often times it’s basecamp.  As a result, every morning we need to login to numerous project management systems concurrently to assess all tasks coming from all companies. You can imagine how irritating it must be to login to companyA.basecamphq.com, companyB.basecamphq.com, companyC.basecamphq.com etc… It’s very difficult to see the bigger picture.  We built Start Mission with just ONE url http://www.startmission.com so that from one system, you can see all the tasks regardless of which company they come from.

In the near future, we plan to release new features that will capitalize on this closer integration between project management and invoice management.  Stay tuned for updates!

Who should use Start Mission?

Freelancers: If you are a freelancer working in teams for numerous companies, then Start Mission is for you.   You can consolidate all your missions and finances into one Start Mission account. 

Employers of Freelancers:  If you’re a business that employs many freelancers, then Start Mission is for you.  Share any mission with any employee and manage their privileges.  Consolidate all business expenses in one Start Mission account!

If you’re still not convinced, login with our demo account to see for yourself!

user: guest@guest.com
pass: guest
login: https://startmission.com/login 

If there’s anything else we can do to help you decide if Start Mission is for you, just drop us a line or leave a comment to this post!

Task Calendar

We’ve created a calendar view for tasks.  Now you can organize your tasks by due dates and more clearly see when important things are coming up.

New Look!

Alright, we finally gave Start Mission a new look!  Something more clean and modern.

Deployed Updates

We deployed more upgrades to the system this morning:

- better integration between mission control and finance chamber
- formatting options for discussion and comments
- bug fixes

We’re going to keep working on better integration between the MC and FC over the course of this week.

We’ll also try to get up a Suggestion Box so everyone can suggest features and vote on them.

Beta Feedback

We just conducted a first around of evaluation with some beta users. We’ve got plenty of constructive feedback. First order of business is to improve the Finance Chamber: invoices need better integration with the Mission Control’s timesheets.

We’ll aim to get a new version up sometime next week.