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Why did we create Start Mission?   Prior to it’s development, we loved using BaseCamp for project management and we loved using FreshBooks for invoice management.  Our biggest wish was to have both systems working together as one software.  We built Start Mission to do exactly that.  Start Mission reproduces the best features of BaseCamp and the best features of FreshBooks in one system.  Start Mission is the alternative to both BaseCamp and FreshBooks.  This solved several problems for us:

Quickly Convert Timesheets to Invoices: At the end of the month, we click just ONE button to convert desired timesheets into invoices.  No more messing around with Basecamp API keys, Freshbook API keys, exported documents and imported documents.  Just go to a timesheet and click “Send to Invoice”. DONE!

Avoid Fractionalization: We take on a lot of contract projects from different companies, each with their own instance of a project management system, often times it’s basecamp.  As a result, every morning we need to login to numerous project management systems concurrently to assess all tasks coming from all companies. You can imagine how irritating it must be to login to,, etc… It’s very difficult to see the bigger picture.  We built Start Mission with just ONE url so that from one system, you can see all the tasks regardless of which company they come from.

In the near future, we plan to release new features that will capitalize on this closer integration between project management and invoice management.  Stay tuned for updates!

Who should use Start Mission?

Freelancers: If you are a freelancer working in teams for numerous companies, then Start Mission is for you.   You can consolidate all your missions and finances into one Start Mission account. 

Employers of Freelancers:  If you’re a business that employs many freelancers, then Start Mission is for you.  Share any mission with any employee and manage their privileges.  Consolidate all business expenses in one Start Mission account!

If you’re still not convinced, login with our demo account to see for yourself!

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If there’s anything else we can do to help you decide if Start Mission is for you, just drop us a line or leave a comment to this post!

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